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Men are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance. In fact, a study by Chapman University found that appearance is a greater predictor of life satisfaction for men than women. This trend is further evidenced as Google reported that, in 2015, there were 6% more searches relating to men’s hair than to women’s hair. The global male grooming industry is now estimated to be worth $21.4 billion USD, proving that consumers are spending more as well. 

With the increasing passion from men, salons and spas have the opportunity to take advantage of this market. While men may spend less per haircut, they have the potential to spend as much as, and possibly more than, women over the period that they are a customer at your salon. Men typically visit a salon or barbershop more frequently than women and also tend to be more loyal. Salon Today recently conducted a survey and discovered that men, on average, have been going to the same stylist or barber for 7 years. After a disappointing haircut, the majority of male clients will discuss their dissatisfaction on the spot and will give the stylist or salon another chance. Only 16% stay quiet and take their business elsewhere.


While a high percentage of salons and spas already have some male clients, many of them do not market specifically towards this audience. Instead of sending a mass email to all clients, send tailored content that will appeal to male clients. From time to time, you can remind female clients that you also serve men, and encourage them to bring their husband/boyfriend in. (Referrals are a two-way street: men may similarly bring their significant other to your salon as well.)

With Father’s Day a month away, this is a great time to build awareness! Create special salon or spa packages for families to give to Dad, or host an open house for men with discounted services and product giveaways. Offer customized gift cards that will show that you cater to men.

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Decor and Signage

Before even stepping into the salon, men will need to know that you follow men's trends and that you have the technical ability to serve them. Whether it be images of men’s styles in the window or a sign they walk past along the sidewalk, give them confidence that you are able to achieve the look they desire. Similarly, reserve a section of your salon menu for listing the various services and add-ons that male clients will be interested in, such as a straight razor shave or beard trim. Remember to also set aside an area of your retail section specifically for men’s products.

While you may not want to make drastic changes to your salon decor in fear of alienating your existing female clients, you should ensure that men will be comfortable in the environment. Some businesses with larger spaces may designate a men's grooming area with more of a barbershop feel. Smaller salons may simply save a couple chairs near the back to provide men with a bit more privacy.


While some men have been frequenting salons for years, many of them are relatively new to the experience and require education. Recommend treatments that might interest them and explain the benefits and process. For their first couple visits, consider offering a quick add-on service for free to get them hooked onto those services. Alternatively, you can charge a few dollars extra by including hot towels and scalp massages with every haircut. By providing a service like they've never experienced before, you can ensure client satisfaction and build loyalty.


Increase sales by adding a line of men's products to your retail selection. Nearly 50% of men use styling products for their hair with the majority using products developed specifically for men. While women generally appreciate a wide range of products to choose from, men are often more focused on results and less on cost. When promoting retail products, gain an understanding of their daily routine and recommend a product that will be simple to use and that will deliver the results they want. Show them how to use the product during their service so they can see the result. Once men discover what works best for them, they tend to stick with it for years. With new clients, limit your recommendations to avoid seeming aggressive. Over time as you establish trust, you can suggest additional products. And of course, you can also mention the new products to your female clients to pick up for their husband.


As discussed earlier, men tend to bemore predictable and enjoy sticking to a routine. Aim to have each client book their next appointment before they leave your salon. Encourage loyalty by offering loyalty points, memberships, and standing appointments.

Final Note

The demand for men's salon services is growing, and businesses who jump on board earlier have the advantage of building client loyalty first.

Many salons fill a niche in the market, so broadening their services to target men may not be beneficial in the long run. However, there are opportunities to still cash in on the growth of the men's grooming industry. For example, consider partnering with a nearby men's barbershop provide referrals and to increase brand awareness.

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Posted on May 18, 2016