4 Father's Day Marketing Tips for Salons & Spas

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The male grooming industry has been growing in recent years. Rather than going to a small neighborhood barbershop for a quick haircut and shave, more men are opting for upscale barbershop and salon experiences with manicures and facials. And it's no different for spas as men now comprise 47% of all spa-goers.

Regardless of the services you offer to this population, Father’s Day is a prime opportunity to get more guys through your door. Once they’re in, you and your team of barbers or stylists will have a chance to impress them and turn them into loyal customers. Take a look at a few ideas to grow your business this Father's Day.

Target Audience

When thinking about Father’s Day, it's important to remember that it's not the dads who are out shopping for the gifts. Aim most of your marketing to the women, and rather than pushing services, sell the benefits (giving back for his sacrifices, day of relaxation, time to focus on himself, etc.).

To publicize your promotions, utilize in-store signage in your waiting area, by your salon mirrors, and at the point of sale. For those who may not visit your business in the next few weeks, be sure to mention it in your monthly e-newsletter and Facebook or Instagram channels. As businesses primarily serving men may not have as many female followers on social media, a great way to reach your intended audience is with Facebook advertising where you can target by location, age, gender, and interests.

Salon & Spa Experiences

What better way is there to impress new clients than to offer a full experience? While you may have long-time clients coming in for Father's Day, many may never have had a facial, pedicure, or hot shave. For this group, offer an introductory bundle so they can have a taste of wide-ranging services. They may not love each service, but you can certainly get them hooked on some!

The key to retention, remember, is not so much the services themselves but rather the experience you offer. Greet each client by name and ensure they are comfortable in the environment. Explain each service and its benefits. Surprise clients with a nice, cold beer.

To kick it up a notch, partner up with another business to provide the ultimate day of fun and relaxation! Doesn't a round of golf, followed by a relaxing massage, sound like an ideal present?

Gift Bundles

Although many people desire experiential gifts, some prefer longer-lasting or more tangible presents. However, this is still a great way to increase sales and to build brand awareness. With your existing inventory, assemble a few gift bundles–like a grooming essentials package or a luxury shaving kit–that appeal to different audiences and price ranges.

To draw them into your salon at a later time, you can also include a new client discount offer or a $10 gift card with each product bundle.

Special Events

Have you ever considered having an open house to focus on the male market? Many men may not be interested in the typical open house with service and product demonstrations, but consider how you can build brand awareness and draw them in. What is your ideal client interested in?

Maybe you know a few local car enthusiasts who are willing to show off their cars in your parking lot on a casual Sunday afternoon. Or perhaps, in the midst of the NBA and NHL playoffs, you pick an evening to host a viewing party. Throw in a couple door prizes with gift cards or product bundles. While you may not see the immediate impact on your bottom line, you can help future clients to feel comfortable in your salon & spa and get them a step closer to booking a service.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales
Posted on May 24, 2017