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Implement some out-of-the-box strategies to raise brand awareness, attract new clients, and excite existing customers.

Just remember your brand and target market and ensure everything you do aligns with them.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Say hi to new and existing neighbors! Drop off a brochure or coupon at nearby houses. Contact real estate agents or apartment managers in your area to ask about giving a small gift or business card to new tenants or owners. Take it a step further and talk to your neighboring businesses about combining resources to create gift baskets or to expand your reach!

Community Events

Attend local events such as carnivals, fairs, and trade shows. Contact the organizers and ask for a booth to give away promotional items or to demonstrate services. Depending on the event, the cost of having a booth can range from free to thousands of dollars. If it’s beyond your budget, you can just attend wearing branded apparel (e.g. t-shirts with your logo on it) and be a walking billboard for your business!

Create Your Own Event

Another option is to host an Open House! Invite the community and provide tutorial sessions, free services (e.g. bang trim, nail polish) or products, refreshments, and door prizes (can be as simple as gift cards or free service packages). Also, offer a deal to those who book an appointment before leaving.

Consider partnering with a few complementary businesses (e.g. a hair salon, a nail salon, a day spa, a tanning studio, a photographer, etc.) and organize an “Extreme Makeover” day. It will increase traffic to your event and ultimately help raise your brand awareness.

Be sure to invite clients as well and ask them to bring their friends too. Send an email a couple weeks prior and perhaps a reminder text message a couple days before.

Fun Night Out

Similar to attending local events, go where your potential clients are and distribute business cards or coupons. For example, a salon with frequent weekday openings may want to participate in school fundraisers to raise awareness among stay-at-home parents or the employees of a sports-themed barber shop may want to attend local amateur or professional sporting events.

By showing that you have similar interests as potential clients, you can reduce any hesitation and build a favorable impression in their mind.

Note: If you are in another business, it would be advisable to get permission from the business manager/owner prior to distributing any materials (learn about cross promotions).


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has been getting more popular in recent years. Consumers tend to look favorably on companies who give back to the community and are not solely focused on padding their bottom line. Beyond the great feeling of doing good in the community, it can also build your salon’s reputation and goodwill. As an example, there have been countless stories where hairstylists have given free haircuts to the homeless.

You don’t even need to engage in something within your profession. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or at a nearby hospital. You can treat it as a fun team-building activity while also meeting new people and extending your network.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales
Posted on February 18, 2016