Insight vs. Fresha - Comparing Salon Software

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When it comes to salon software, Insight and Fresha are two of the most popular options available. 

Why is a good salon software platform important?

Good salon management software can make a significant difference in the success of a salon business. Salon software automates many processes, streamlining day-to-day tasks and allowing staff to focus on customer service. With the right salon software, customers can easily book appointments online, see staff availability, and even choose their preferred stylist. Finally, by using salon software to track customer preferences and purchase history, businesses can better tailor their services and promotions to meet customer needs. 

How to Choose the Right Salon Software Platform

Choosing the right salon software platform requires careful consideration. Look for the following in salon software:

  1. A simple, intuitive interface and easy-to-understand instructions that makes the software easy to use for employees and clients alike.
  2. Features that allow you to schedule appointments, manage inventory, and track sales.
  3. A smooth integration with payment processing, which saves time and ensures accurate records keeping.
  4. Options for customization, such as adding or removing features, adjusting settings, and tweaking the user interface to meet specific business needs.
  5. Robust security features and data protection measures to keeps client and salon details private.

By following these guidelines, you can find a salon software platform that’ll help you run your salon more efficiently, provide an enhanced customer experience, and increase revenue over time.

Insight vs. Fresha - How do they Compare?

In terms of features, both Insight and Fresha offer a wide range of options. 


Both Insight and Fresha have the following features:

  • Double/multi-part booking
  • Automated appointment confirmations via email & text
  • Cancellation list
  • Book for employees, resource rooms/equipment
  • Real time online booking (not just an appointment request!)
  • Detailed display options 

Fresha's express booking system requires only 3 clicks to complete, whereas Insight's booking process takes 4 clicks but comes with a waiting list, multiple service/package booking wizard, and an automated pre-booking option.

Salon Services

Both Insight and Fresha allow customized pricing and booking times per employee.

Insight offers the ability to create and track services with customized redemption options, as well as alter prices of services and packages by percentage. Insight also allows for setting sale dates and individualized pricing for services and packages, while Fresha does not.

Inventory Management

Both Fresha and Insight offer the following features for managing your salon’s assets:

  • Track on hand & order levels
  • Create & receive purchase orders by vendor
  • Track product cost, average cost & markup
  • Inventory audits & product update utility

With Insight, you can also print customized barcode labels and even track retail transfers back to employee stations.

Client Memberships & Loyalty Points

Both Insight and Fresha offer loyalty and reward programs that allow salon owners to keep their clients coming back, such as customized recurring billing for members.

Insight allows for the following within one streamlined framework: 

  • Reward clients with bonus loyalty points
  • Customize service and product loyalty point accumulation
  • Enable a state-of-the-art loyalty points program
  • Loyalty points level system and points multiplier

Fresha currently doesn’t support loyalty points.

Employee Management

Insight offers a comprehensive employee management system that uses access levels to ensure that employees only have access to areas of the software that they need. Additionally, Insight allows you to track employee clock in/out times, wages and commissions.

Fresha's employee management system allows you to create employee profiles to track their services and earnings. However, Fresha only offers a tip report instead of Insight’s customizable tip payout options.

Tanning Tracker

Insight seamlessly works with various tanning equipment, such as T-max manager/timers, allowing users to track their minutes and packages. Customers can also book their tanning packages online and monitor the usage and bulb hours on their tanning bed. Fresha has no comparable features.

Credit Card Integration

With Insight, your customers can gain preferred pricing with International Bancard and a dedicated integration coach to answer your credit card processing questions. 

Unfortunately, Fresha does not provide Quickbooks integration for smooth accounting, such as Insight does. On the bright side, both services offer a unified checkout process.

Other Key Differences

Fresha doesn’t offer in-app integration with walk-in appointments, while Insight allows you to seamlessly track walk-ins, montior wait times, and serve walk-ins based on employee availability.

When it comes to experience, Insight has over 30+ years in business, while Fresha was established in 2015.

Final thoughts: which is a better fit for your salon?

Using a solid, dependable salon management software drives your salon business forward. Still unsure which one to sign up for? Give Insight Salon Software a try today—for free.

Topics: Marketing & Sales, Salon Software
Posted on April 6, 2023