Tanning Quotes For Your Salon’s Instagram: Our Top 100 Picks

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A strong Instagram presence is non-negotiable for tanning salons looking to promote their services and attract clients online. But generic quotes and random photos won’t stand out. 

This article arms salon owners with 100+ tailored Instagram bio quotes, captivating content hooks, and compelling caption ideas to showcase their signature glow-up services. Implement these tips paired with stunning visuals to boost salon credibility, increase inquiries and drive appointments. From spotlighting new spray tanning techniques to promoting flash sales, these tanning quotes can help your salon shape an Instagram presence that taps into local audiences.

The Power Of Tanning Quotes On Instagram

When potential clients contemplate getting that perfect summer glow, where do they turn to research tanning salons? Instagram!

Instagram is the first stop for vetting products, services and businesses these days. Just like reading reviews before buying something online, Instagram offers authentic peeks into salons through bios, posts, reels and photos.

So leveraging creative tanning quotes on your Instagram is crucial for portraying an attractive portrait of your business to prospective clients.

The right quotes convey your brand's personality, values and signature services. This helps convert passive browsers into confident booking inquiries.

Ensure your Instagram account checks these boxes:

  • Have a strong bio – Choose a memorable quote that communicates what your salon stands for. Example: "bronze babes welcome here!"
  • Use hooks in your instagram reels – Punchy quotes spotlight unique offerings and deals. Example: Ready to glow? Our new rapid mist tents get you bronzed crazy fast!
  • Incorporate photo captions – Quotes can reinforce top services. Example: With our custom spray tans, you'll think you just got back from the Bahamas!

Sprinkling tanning quotes appropriately throughout your Instagram creates cohesion between the bio, reels and captions. This makes it easy for potential clients to envision the exceptional experience your salon offers on their quest for sun kissed goddess status!

Creative Ways To Showcase Tanning Quotes

Knowing exactly how to incorporate relevant tanning quotes throughout your salon's Instagram is key for boosting engagement and conversions. Here’s what to do.

Spotlight Specific Services

Use on-brand quotes to call attention to particular tanning techniques, packages or membership levels you offer. Highlight what makes them unique!


"Our rapid Mystic Tan tent gets you camera-ready gorgeous faster than ever!"

"UV-free spray tanning that achieves flawless, natural-looking color customized just for you."

"Exclusively airbrush tanning - achieve that sunkissed JLo glow without harmful rays."

Promote Events & Deals

Generate excitement around sales, specials or limited-time offers by coupling tempting discounts with urgent calls to action.


"Flash Sale! Get our unlimited tanning membership today for only 20% off!"

"Friends & Family Event this weekend only! Buy one airbrush session, get one 50% off."

Feature Client Reviews

Strategically embedding stellar client reviews, testimonials or 5-star ratings paired with a relevant quote boosts credibility.


"Tan Fanatics ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ - Sammy, Tampa Bay"

"I'm obsessed with my mystic spray tan results. So natural yet sexy!"

Give Backstage Access

Let Instagram followers feel VIP by getting a behind-the-scenes peek at your salon's prep process paired with a quote.


"Spray tanning perfection! Here's how we get clients runway-ready."

"Giving you an exclusive look into how we craft flawless, natural-looking UV-free color."

Share Client Journeys

Post glow-up check-ins that allow the audience to rally behind other clients' tanning journeys and transformations.


"Halfway to her goal tan! Can't wait for the final bronze goddess reveal."

"3 sessions in for Sarah's custom airbrush color. Right on track for that golden tone she wants."

Use Throwbacks

Reminisce on past salon memories or milestones by incorporating a relevant quote.


"Two years ago we opened this salon! Here's to many more glowing years ahead!"

"Flashback to our first-ever Mystic spray tanning client. Look how far we've come!"

Now that we’ve shown you how to incorporate your tanning quotes, let’s check out a few tanning quotes to post. Use them as is, or make them your own!

Tanning Quotes For Your Instagram Bio

Choose one of these 15 creative salon quotes to convey your personalized tanning services, glowing results, and welcoming vibe to visitors in your Instagram bio.

  1. Tailoring tans - one day at a time.
  2. Trust us with your tans.
  3. We keep your tans in check.💅
  4. Confidence in every shade, tan-made.
  5. We don’t play when it comes to keeping your tans in check!
  6. Time to hit the ✅ on tanned body!
  7. Tan perfection on repeat. Trust the tan maestros! 
  8. Your tan dreams come true here!
  9. Your tan, our priority.
  10. Trust us with your tan journey!
  11. Your tan manifestations come true here!
  12. Crafting confidence, one tan at a time.
  13. Tans in check, confidence on fleek.
  14. Glow guardians, shaping confidence. 
  15. Your tan, our commitment!

Tanning Quotes for Instagram Reels (Hooks)

Grab attention on Instagram Reels using these 15 tanning quotes to promote services, deals, or client transformations.

  1. Don’t mind us - We’re just letting our tans steal the views.
  2. Breaking your scroll routine for a dose of tan brilliance!
  3. Hold on, the best tan reveal is just 3 seconds away!
  4. Warning: Watching this might cause major FOMO.
  5. All eyes on the tan!
  6. Tan vibes, Tan tribe - Where’re our people at ?
  7. Tanned Body - Check ✅
  8. Look at her - isn’t she glowing?
  9. The tans don’t lie!
  10. The sun won’t be the only one shining this summer - you’ll be too!
  11.  Keepin’ it real with the perfect tan.
  12. Turn heads and tan up!
  13. Tanned to the max - it's your time to shine!
  14. Hit the glow switch.
  15. The tan has arrived!

Tanning Quotes for Instagram Posts

Showcase your salon's signature tanning services and glowing transformations by incorporating these 15 Instagram photo captions. 

  1. The sun is not the only way to get a tan.
  2. Let our tan do the talking.
  3. Keep your tan game strong.
  4. Sunkissed tan, here we come.
  5.  Drop by for a tan, and you'll be golden!
  6. Tanning never felt so good!
  7. Tan time is your time to shine!
  8. Tanned and ready to conquer!
  9. Tan tales: radiance in every glance.
  10. Tan tales like never before!
  11. Tan whisperers, glow architects. 
  12. Tanning goals unlocked.
  13. Trust us with your tan tale!
  14. Tan and shine!
  15. Shine bright like a flawless tan masterpiece!

Other Tanning Quotes 

Here’s even more tanning quotes to use wherever it makes sense for you!

  1. SUNday is a good day to get a tan.
  2. Your schedule, your glow—tanning at its finest.
  3. Glow on your terms, tan in our haven.
  4. Warning : Your tan may steal the spotlight.
  5. Effortless radiance, one session at a time.
  6. Let’em wonder - Where did she get her tan from!?
  7. Make’em say - ‘Damn! That tan.’
  8. Glow at your own pace, tan without a trace.
  9.  Step into your radiant best.
  10.  Your tan, your terms.
  11.  Confidence curated: Tan on your schedule
  12.  Glow-getters - Where you at?
  13.  This summer, your tan is the main character.
  14.  Own your glow story.
  15.  Shine bright, tan right.
  16.  Radiate confidence, one tan at a time.
  17.  Shine bright, tan right, day and night.
  18.  Elevate your tan game
  19.  Tan today, sparkle tomorrow.
  20.  Chase brilliance, catch the perfect tan.
  21.  Tanned skin - all day long.
  22.  All you need is a good tan and a drink.
  23. Maybe tanning is your self-love language
  24. Bronzed and beautiful.
  25. You need a tan and a plan.
  26. Tan game strong, huh?
  27. Time to unwind and tan.
  28. Feel like a sun goddess.
  29. Rooting for your tan journey!
  30. Effortless tan, endless confidence.
  31. Sometimes, all you need is a good tan!
  32. Life’s too short to not get a tan.
  33. Tanned and toned.
  34. Keep calm and get a tan.
  35. Life is better with a tan
  36. Tan loading..
  37. Nothing a tan can’t fix.
  38. Glowing skin is always in.
  39. This the season to be tanned.
  40. Lights, camera, tan, action! 
  41. Let your tan do the talking.
  42. Get tanned this SUNday.
  43. Always love a good tan.
  44. Life is short, tan often.
  45. To tan or not to tan…. Is that even a question?
  46. It’s Tan ‘o’ Clock.
  47. Damn! That tan though.
  48. If you can’t tone it, tan it
  49. Grab your friend and get tanned today.
  50. Keep your tan flawless
  51. Too tan to give a damn
  52. Tan you up? Say less.
  53. Be in your tan girl era!
  54. Friends who tan together - Goals!
  55. Chase the glow, own every moment.

Get Started

Implementing creative, on-brand tanning quotes throughout Instagram is valuable for salons to boost credibility and drive appointments. Whether educating on UV-free options, promoting membership deals or broadcasting signature services, take advantage of these caption ideas when creating content. Anchor vibrant images and real client testimonials with these quotes for maximum impact. Consistently showcasing expertise and perks builds a competitive edge with Instagram users researching top tanning spots. So set yourself apart with captivating quotes and photos that excite locals about achieving a flawless, vacation-worthy glow.


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Posted on December 12, 2023