The Secret to Successful Retailing

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Selling retail products can be the toughest and most disliked part of working in a salon or spa. Some employees push products into clients’ faces, simply trying to reach a quota or to earn commission. Meanwhile, other staff members don’t even offer items because they are worried about being rejected or about scaring away customers.


The first step to selling more products is to change those mindsets. Retailing should be about the clients. By focusing on their needs and desires, they will become more loyal and you will reap the benefits of more sales and future appointments.

The Role of a Service Provider

Some service providers (e.g. hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, etc.) have a narrow view of their role and influence. They spend an hour styling a client’s hair, then move on to adding hair extensions on the next person. A client only exists for a short time, and then disappears for a few weeks until the next appointment.

However, consider your influence between appointments. You won’t be there to give styling lessons before a big date or to solve every hair emergency, but you can provide some advice during the appointment. You are much more than a service provider; you are also a style consultant, a beauty educator, and a trusted advisor!


Sales shouldn’t be overly aggressive and also shouldn’t be a passive activity where you wait for a client to ask for products. It should be a natural process of identifying a client’s needs and showing them how to address it.

Clients come to you for a reason: they love the way you make them look! Sometimes they only want the look for a special occasion (e.g. Valentine's Day, wedding, prom, etc.), but usually they want to look a certain way for an extended period of time. So teach them how to replicate the style at home or after cutting it, quickly show them some ways they can alternatively style their hair. When you use a product on them, show it to them and potentially even get them to hold it and read the bottle. They will get to know the product and build a connection between it and their new hairstyle. When they get up to go, ask if they want to take a bottle home with them.

Product Offering

As a final note, sell what you and your employees believe in! Don’t carry or promote products that you have little faith in and would not use yourself.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales, Management
Posted on November 18, 2015