9 Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Fill your appointment book and increase sales this Valentine’s Day!

Take advantage of this time of year to attract new customers and to encourage existing clients to rebook!

Repurpose Remaining Christmas Stock

If you have leftover stocking stuffers from Christmas, try to clear it up sooner rather than later! Convince clients to purchase them as a Valentine’s Day gift for themselves or for someone they know. If the products’ packaging is Christmas-themed, you can sell it at a discount or encourage them to repackage it before giving it to others!

Promote Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a great choice – for the buyer, for the recipient, and for you! Give your clients a nudge by offering an incentive, like adding an extra $10 value when they purchase a $100 gift card.

Leave a Hint

Print a small reminder and distribute to clients who can then strategically place them somewhere for their significant other to find. The reminder can list a couple of gift ideas and your business’s contact information too. Alternatively, email clients to forward on, or post on your social media networks and ask followers to “share” or “tag” their special person.

Provide a Convenient Shopping Experience!

Your clients will also be looking for a gift for their significant other. For example if your clients are women, you may want to sell some men’s grooming products. This is an opportunity for you to partner with a men’s barber shop and sell products on each other’s behalf. To ensure an equal benefit for both parties, agree to split the profits of these sales.

Say Thanks

Show your appreciation to clients by offering Valentine’s Day specials! Offer a reward (extra loyalty points, a free product or an extra service) for booking an appointment in February.

Go Outside The Box

Do something unexpected for your top clients (run a report in Insight to determine who they are)! They spend the most at your salon and are more likely to tell everyone they know about your grand gesture.

Create a Valentine’s Day Package

Bundle together a few services for a full spa day or to give an "Extreme Makeover". The package can be a great gift for a significant other or for single clients to treat themselves to.

The More, the Merrier

Create an incentive for clients to bring their significant other or another friend to their next appointment.

Give Back

Offer special deals to veterans and military families, provide free services to residents of a local nursing home, or donate a portion of profits to charity!

And of course, don’t forget to appreciate your employees as well!

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Topics: Marketing & Sales
Posted on January 15, 2016