6 Tips to Rebook More Salon Clients

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Whether you are serving a longtime client or a first-time visitor, it’s vital to rebook them as early as possible to encourage retention. It will keep your appointment schedule full without having to chase down customers, and it will also increase your clients' frequency of visit.

By bringing them in every 4 weeks instead of every 5 weeks (for example), you will see each client 2-3 more times each year. Multiply that by all your clients and there is a substantial increase in revenue, just from existing clients!

1. Deliver Beyond Expectations

Clients will only rebook if they receive exceptional service. It’s not only about achieving the desired results, but it’s equally, and maybe more, important to have them enjoy the process! Be sure to understand their needs and to know how to interact with them. This includes knowing which clients like to chat and which ones prefer some quiet time.

2. Offer to Rebook

Few clients will request another appointment prior to leaving your salon, so you have to take the initiative to ask. Some clients may opt not to rebook right away, but you never know unless you ask!

To get more clients rebooking, carefully structure the way you approach the client and take advantage of the information from their past visit history or the consultation you provided. As much as possible, avoid asking questions that they can respond to with a "no".

  • “To transition your hair color the way we discussed, we’ll need to see you around the week of September 12th. What day works best for you?”
  • “We’ve gone ahead and booked you in at the same time next month. Let us know if we have to change it; otherwise, we’ll see you then.”

If you notice a pattern to their appointments, offer a standing appointment to automatically reserve their regular time slot.

3. Tell Them Why

How does rebooking now benefit the client? Especially when making a commitment, it's natural for people to find out what is in it for them?

“The long weekend is coming up so we’re filling up quickly. We want to make sure we have time for you.” Possible reasons include:

  • Get their preferred date/time
  • Healthy maintenance
  • Achieve their desired results
  • Get the most of their membership benefits

4. Reduce Anxiety

It's hard to plan ahead. Many people have schedules that constantly fluctuate, and they genuinely have no idea when they will be available. Remind them they can easily reschedule if necessary or even cancel without penalty. As schedules change, reduce the likelihood of forgotten appointments by sending confirmation emails or text messages.

5. Know When to Ask

The simplest way to rebook clients is while they are still in the salon chair. Once they get up, they will quickly be distracted by their phone or start thinking about the next item on their agenda. It will then be difficult to grab their attention again. If they say yes to rebooking, schedule them in on the spot with the Insight mobile app or walk them up to the front desk to book the appointment.

6. Follow Up

Get in the habit of sending a text message or email to thank clients for coming in and to check if they were satisfied with their service. If they did not rebook yet, use this opportunity to ask again. (You can save time by automating emails/texts in your salon software program.)

If you still haven't heard from a client a few weeks after the appointment, send another text message (they have higher open rates than emails) to remind them to book. Include a call to action like "call now" or "book online".

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Topics: Marketing & Sales
Posted on August 10, 2016