Grow Your Hair Salon This Wedding Season

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Weddings present amazing opportunities to grow your salon business! Along with the chance to capture the hearts and loyalty of the bride, the groom (if you have services for men as well), and the rest of the bridal party, you also get to showcase your work to hundreds of their friends and family.

Bridal Lookbook

Do your clients know that you offer bridal services? Don't just tell them about your services; show them your expertise, creativity, and ability with a lookbook displaying the gorgeous hairstyles that you have created. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

By having this at each salon station, you will ensure that your clients will know that you are the top choice for wedding hairstyles. And it's not just for your existing clients either. Have a few copies of the lookbook near your point of sale, so clients can easily pick one up on their way out and share it with their friends.

Also, remember to publish your lookbook on your website! By listing and describing your services online, you can increase your Google ranking, web traffic, and inquiries as people search for the top bridal hair stylists in their area.


Weddings require a lot of planning. Many brides will know what they want even before they get engaged. As soon as that milestone occurs, they jump straight to booking a photographer and venue. For some, their hairstylist has already been picked out as well. But for others, they may not be so sure.

To attract more clients, partner with others in the industry. Many wedding planners and venues have a list of "preferred vendors" and would be willing to include you as well. You can also create a referral network with related businesses like nail salons, day spas, wedding dress boutiques, or tailors.


There are numerous ways to get your brand in front of brides including exhibiting at a local bridal show and advertising in the local edition of a wedding magazine. You can also place Facebook ads specifically targeting women in your area who are engaged and are interested in bridal or wedding-related keywords.

If you don't have a large marketing budget, talk to your partners about sharing a booth or placing joint advertisements. You can even offer special deals such as 10% off if they purchase services from both businesses.


Weddings are expensive. Venue rentals, catering, decorations, photographer, live music or a DJ, etc. Saving some money here and there is often appreciated. And for your business, there are benefits to getting another new client in your salon chair.

To get the whole bridal party into your salon, offer them a package. You can base it on the group size (e.g. if 4 bridesmaids come in for a cut & style, the 5th is free). Alternatively, you can promote your other services (20% off massages if the bridal party comes the day before the wedding).

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Topics: Marketing & Sales
Posted on April 25, 2017