The True Cost of Salon Management Software

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With the cost of salon equipment, beauty supplies, and employee wages, funds are limited for salon owners. On top of that, your costs constantly inflating and prices are rarely being increased. As a result, many businesses are looking to save money and cut spending.

To minimize spending, many businesses look for free salon software or stick with the traditional pen and paper appointment books and physical client cards.

However, it is crucial to understand that salon management software is an asset. With the right program for your business, the value it provides will easily surpass any cost associated with it.

More Appointments

Many salon appointment software programs include a marketing platform. They enable you to schedule promotional campaigns, send newsletters, and automate personalized emails or text messages. Stay at the top of clients' minds and encourage them to rebook.

Further, online scheduling will give clients the flexibility and convenience to book their appointment 24/7, regardless of where they are. As it is not dependent on your opening hours or on your ability to answer the phone, it provides the perfect call to action for your marketing efforts.

Fewer No-Shows

Some management programs such as Insight Salon & Spa Software will send automated appointment reminders through email or SMS. Spend less time leaving voicemails for clients, and focus more on the customers in the salon.

There will still be times when a client will cancel. But with these appointment confirmations, you will be notified prior to the appointment and have time to re-fill that slot.

Better Service

Salon software also enables you to provide exceptional customer service. By storing client notes, preferences, and service/product histories (including photos), you can easily be reminded of past color formulas, products that they may be allergic to, or the way they like their coffee.

On a more personal side, you will also remember to ask about a client’s recent wedding or about a guest’s upcoming vacation. You won’t need to worry about mixing up clients.

Show your clients that you care about them and value them!

Greater Insight

How well are you able to measure the performance of your employees or of your salon overall? Do you know which employees are most effectively retaining their clients?

Utilizing salon management software will give you access to countless data and reports for you to evolve your business strategy or to fine-tune the client experience.

More Time

One thing that can’t be replaced is time. Salon management software doesn’t only help you make more money; it will also save you time. Beyond the automated marketing and reminders, payroll is calculated for you instantly and inventory purchase orders are built at the click of a button.


There is a cost for using the right salon management software for your business. However, the benefits of the software outweighs its financial cost. In fact, with all the opportunities to grow your business and to increase operational efficiency, it may be even more costly to not use salon software.

With Insight Software, our focus is on providing more than the technology. We prioritize exceptional customer service to help salon owners utilize the software and grow their businesses.

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Posted on December 8, 2016