New Year's Resolutions: Salon & Spa Growth

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A healthy salon or spa should always be growing. This growth can occur in two ways: attracting new clients and increasing client spending. Check out a few tips to make sure your business grows in 2016!

Client Experience

The first step in growing your business is to provide an unforgettable client experience.

Send a confirmation or reminder prior to an appointment. When they come in, pay attention to and record the details. Even the small things like remembering the type of tea they prefer or asking about their recent vacation will make a customer feel important and valued. Follow up with the client the day after an appointment to thank them for their business, to ensure that they are satisfied with the service they received, and to ask them to book another appointment if they have not done so already.

Announcements and Offers

To get more visits from clients, send them announcements and deals.

Let them know when you receive a shipment of new products or if you have hired a new stylist! Offer a discount to fill last-minute openings or to celebrate their birthday with them. By staying at the top of the customer’s mind, they will be more likely to book their next appointment with you.New call-to-action

Promote Loyalty

A loyalty points program is a valuable tool when it comes to retaining clients.

Once they rack up enough points from sales or referrals, they can redeem those points towards a service or product. Similarly, you can promote standing appointments and sell a series of services. Standing appointments are a convenient way of retaining clients as they will not need to rebook after every appointment. They can choose to reserve a regular time, such as 10am on the first Saturday of every month or 7pm every third Thursday. A series of services provides you with upfront revenue and rewards clients for their ongoing loyalty. They would pay a discounted price for purchasing future services, for example getting 6 haircuts for the price of 5. Membership programs are another tactic to improve loyalty to your business and to increase clients' frequency of visits.

Referrals and Reviews

Don’t be shy, ask clients to write a positive review or to refer a couple friends to you.

Referrals and reviews can come naturally as many clients want to show off their new look or tell their friends about the incredible experience they had at your salon or spa. Sometimes they need a little push though. Consider offering an incentive to further motivate clients: discounts for coming with a friend, extra loyalty points, or a chance to win a gift card.

Gift Cards

A great tool to improve sales, both by attracting new clients and by increasing spending by existing clients, is to offer gift cards.

They will help build brand awareness as clients may give them to people who have never been to your salon or spa. In addition, the majority of gift card users spend over the card’s value. Gift cards are also a way to better engage your clients through contests. Click here for some tips to increase gift card sales.


Product sales can have a large influence on the success of a salon or spa.

Choosing the right product mix and managing your inventory efficiently are important. Further, having the right approach to sales can also impact your retail revenue.

Business Growth Tools

Insight Salon & Spa Software provides a robust client management system.

Track client details, formulas, preferences, and history; manage your loyalty points program (works with a global database for multi-location and franchised salons and spas); send automatic confirmation, follow up, and marketing emails or SMS text messages. In addition, Insight features include appointment booking, inventory management, a point of sale system, and more.

Insight will also help your retail sales. Set up notifications to remind clients to pick up products based on their service or on their previous purchases. Speed up the check-out process with Insight’s invoicing and payment processing. Track inventory changes and easily build purchase orders based on current stock levels.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales, Management, Salon Software
Posted on December 14, 2015