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If you want lasting business success, your salon services and organization need to be top-notch. But there’s another crucial factor many salon owners overlook: a client’s impression of your salon's interior.  

A masterful salon design will impress and pamper clients the second they enter. Beautiful decor is the difference between a one-off customer and a loyal client for life.

Getting Started with Salon Design 

 So how do you decorate a salon, and where do you even begin? To get started, you should do two things:  

  • Pick a salon color palette and stick to it. A cohesive, appealing color palette makes for an impressive salon design. Use color theory aligned with the psychology of your target clientele. 
  • Clarify your branding. If you haven’t done so by now, your salon should have clear branding. What is your logo? Who is your ideal client? What atmosphere are you trying to capture: a luxurious, opulent feeling? A rustic, tried-and-true vibe? A fun, youthful energy? 

Bottom line: pick your core colors. Decide on the general atmosphere you want to capture. These are the foundations for selecting your salon decor when it’s time to decorate. 

8 Salon Decor Ideas to Make Your Salon Stand Out 

Now, let’s dive straight into amazing salon decor ideas to optimize your space. These inspiring design tips will create an unforgettable salon brand and customer experience

Create Color Cohesion 

 As mentioned above, having a set brand color palette is crucial to cohesive salon decor. This is a classic mistake many salon owners make. Mismatched wall paint, furniture, and fixtures are eye sores.

Let’s say you decide on a neutral color palette to create a mature, sophisticated look. Adding a random yellow couch and green counters will throw off the balance of the space. Your clients will feel it, even if they can’t place why.

Think Outside the Box 

It’s easy to get discouraged by space limitations. But look at your salon with new eyes. How can you use clever illusions and storage to make the space look larger? White ceilings, light walls, and large mirrors will expand the space. 

And consider finding fixtures with disguised storage. Does the salon look cluttered with too many rolling carts or boxes? Install storage decor with concealed compartments. This can make the salon look cleaner, with more neutral space.

Pay Attention to Detail 

Designing your salon on a budget? No worries – the beauty’s in the details. Decor as simple as matching towels and colorful accent walls can make a big difference. Add a nice area rug, essential oils, or complementary Keurig to spice things up. These details are affordable, yet change the salon's energy. Trust us, your clients notice the details. 

Waiting Area Furniture with a Luxury Feel 

The furniture and decor in your seating area are essential to the customer experience. Invest in a couple of high-quality sofas or chairs. Leather is always a great choice. 

The furniture should strike a balance between comfort and luxury. Seating with tears, scratches, and rips appears unprofessional. Small side tables, coat racks, and magazines encourage customers to feel at home.

Inviting, Beautiful Reception Desk 

Don’t undervalue the importance of a reception desk. This is the first decor piece your customers will see when they walk in and should be inviting! Lighter colors appear more approachable. Further elevate the front reception with a prominent business logo or modern desk under-lighting.

Go Green with Plants  

Nothing adds vibrance to a room like plant life. Go green by adding a few stunning plants around the salon. Customers will feel warm, connected, and at home. Add hanging plants to the windows, orchids to the reception desk, or a lush fiddle leaf tree in the waiting area. Plants are like living decor, and are useful for filling in awkward empty spots.

Modern Display Fixtures 

Are you a premium, forward-thinking salon with first-class services? Install modern display fixtures for your products. Your product display case should appear expensive, clean, and modern. Think hardwood counters, glass towers and crystal wall mounts. People don't invest in what doesn't look worth the money.

Want to advertise your services in a bold way? Consider installing a digital display sign. Try a wall monitor, digital floor stand, or video wall. This will definitely impress clients. 

More Light & Neutral Space 

Salon lighting is one of the most important, yet overlooked features. A dark, cramped salon is not inviting or soothing. Maximize natural light with sheer curtains, and remove objects blocking the windows. 

Or add aesthetic light fixtures, like chandeliers or rustic hanging bulbs. This can further brighten the space, with an artful flourish. Mirrors can also increase the natural light spread. Also, ensure there’s some neutral space in the salon. Avoid covering every square inch with items. This way, customers can breathe.  

Final Thoughts

When decorating your hair salon, it’s important to create a comfortable environment for your clients. While you don't want to go overboard, adding a personal touch and some decorative accessories can lead to a successful business.

Topics: Marketing & Sales, Salon Software
Posted on November 22, 2022