How to Improve the Salon Customer Experience

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Have you walked in the shoes of your salon & spa clients? From first learning about the business to walking out the door after their first visit, did everything go smoothly? Was it a positive experience that would lead to a second appointment? Or are there gaps in the process that may turn them off?

Let's take a look through the customer journey:

Appointment Scheduling

Whether they hear about you from a friend, see an advertisement that you've placed, or find you through a Google search, most people will go to your website or Facebook page to learn more about you and the services you provide. By offering online salon booking, they will then be able to schedule an appointment immediately, regardless of whether you are even open at that time.


No-shows have a real impact on your bottom line. Calling each client before their visit is time-consuming, and often, they don't even pick up or respond to the voicemail you leave. By sending an automated email or text message, you can effortlessly confirm their visit.

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Remember each client by recording color formulas, service and purchase histories, and even smaller details like how they take their coffee. With Insight Software, you can additionally store before & after photos to track progress. To further impress clients, you can refer to these pictures prior to appointments to make sure you are able to greet each customer by name when they walk in!


What does the client want? Be sure to listen to their requests, but at the same time, share your expertise to educate customers and adjust their expectations. Find the right balance between their desires and what is realistic with the given time and budget.

For example, certain hair color transitions may require multiple appointments. Don't feel pressured to cram it into the one visit as everyone will end up disappointed. Instead, plan out a few sessions to make the transition a reality or suggest a compromise that can be completed in the one appointment.

As you educate clients, take the opportunity to also equip them with tools that will benefit them, whether by repairing damaged hair, making the color last longer, or whatever their unique situation calls for. Think of upselling as an activity in trust-building.


The service is complete, but what happens after is just as important. The check-out process is an opportunity to make a strong final impression by ensuring clients are fully satisfied. In addition, be sure to provide secure payment options to protect your customers. As the final step before they leave, pre-book their next appointment.


Many clients, fearing conflict, may not speak up about their dissatisfaction while they are still in the salon. Some are even delighted at the time, but by the next day, those feelings may have changed. The worst part of this is that they may unfairly place the blame on your business and choose to take their business elsewhere, without you ever knowing why they left. By sending a quick message to check in after a service and to request feedback, you have the chance to resolve any problems and to actually build up that relationship.

On the flip side, many customers are just in love with their new hairstyle or are feeling re-energized after a massage. Take the opportunity to request a review and to remind them to refer their friends!

Loyalty Program

Encourage clients to visit frequently and spend more by offering loyalty points. After all, who doesn't like a free service, product, or upgrade? Since you acquired clients' email addresses as they signed up for your rewards program, you can also target them with an email marketing campaign or send regular e-newsletters to stay top-of-mind and build your brand.


There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to the customer experience, much of which is actually before or after the service itself. Fortunately, Insight Salon & Spa Software makes it easy to provide a smooth experience during and between appointments. With online scheduling, automated confirmations, and client management, Insight will help you stay organized, retain clients, and increase sales!

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Topics: Marketing & Sales, Salon Software
Posted on August 29, 2017