Low Budget Beauty Salon Interior Design Ideas for 2023

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Planning to design or re-design your salon, but afraid to even know how much that would cost? 

Here’s the good news: Building a lovely beauty salon doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Let’s cover why you should put some thought into your beauty salon design, figure out what style to go for, and come up with ideas to get started—on a budget!

Why Design Your Interior Salon Space?

Improve awareness

Designing your salon interior can help to improve your company's visibility and awareness among potential customers. A carefully thought-out salon layout and design creates a stronger brand presence.

Boost profit

An attractive salon design increases customer flow and boosts profits. Areas like waiting and retail should be clearly visible, providing customers with easy access to expert advice and products.

Improve customer experience

Keep the customer's experience in mind as you create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Incorporate elements like comfortable seating, natural light, a relaxing color palette, and high-quality fixtures and fittings to make the space inviting and professional.

Create a great first impression

An impressive, professional first impression keeps your salon fresh and interesting in customers’ minds. Consider your branding and how it ties into the interior design, as well as making sure the environment looks attractive and well-maintained.

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How To Design A Low Budget Beauty Salon

The key to creating a low budget beauty salon is by thinking multi-purpose. 

When designing the salon, look at areas in the salon where different services can be carried out. For example, a single station can be used for both waxing and haircutting, depending on the needs of the client. Consider the type of furniture and decor that can be used to create different atmospheres

Lighting and mirrors

Mirrors are essential for any salon, and can also be used to create an ambiance. Consider the cost of setting up good quality lighting, as this can be expensive. Look at using LED bulbs that are energy efficient and long-lasting

Planning the layout

  • Separate waiting area with comfortable seating
  • Dedicated stations for services such as waxing, haircutting, and styling
  • A dedicated retail area close to the entrance
  • Colorful and inviting walls to draw attention
  • Open space to maximize the use of natural light
  • Mirrors strategically placed to create an inviting atmosphere
  • Good quality lighting to create a good ambiance
  • Sinks and other necessary fixtures
  • Storage areas to store equipment and products
  • Salon decor that adds personality to the space

Color it up

Color adds life and interest to your salon. Consider the type of feeling you're aiming for. Is it natural and calming, or eye-catching and glamorous? If you are working with a budget, look to paint one feature wall in a bold color, or choose colorful fabrics or furniture to add an element of fun to the space.

Plants and flowers for a girlish touch

Plants can make a simple layout look more refreshing and sophisticated. Add a few potted plants or flowers, such as succulents or potted herbs, to bring a touch of nature into the salon. They also help to reduce air pollution, creating a healthier environment.

Logos and signs

With all this planning, don’t forget about your logo and signs! A tasteful logo, business name, and signage that all ties back to your salon’s mission statement lends credibility to the salon, and is a great way to advertise what you do. 

Low Budget Beauty Style Designs

Here are just a couple of style ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Modern beauty salon interior design

Consider using fresh colors, natural materials, and simple yet modern furniture. Use bold colors for the walls, such as black, white, or grey, and add bold colors for furniture and accessories. Look to metal fixtures and sleek lines when choosing furniture to give a modern and chic look.

Retro beauty salon interior desigN

Retro designs are always popular, as they bring a sense of nostalgia to the salon. Look for vintage furniture pieces and combine them with brightly colored walls and accessories.

Luxury beauty salon interior design

Who doesn’t love a luxurious atmosphere? Choose pieces that are classic and timeless, such as leather chairs and sofas, and add statement pieces like velvet chairs and plush carpets. Invest in good quality fixtures and furniture, and choose colors that are sophisticated and muted.

Low budget beauty salon interior design

Get creative! Look for second-hand furniture and refurbish them, and look for cheaper alternatives such as faux leather, vinyl, or fabrics. Use bold colors for the walls to create an impact. Invest in good quality lighting as this will make all the difference to the overall look.

Glamorous beauty salon interior design

Girls love glamor. When going after a glamorous design, think about using soft fabrics, metallic accents, and plush carpets. Look for furniture and accessories with a bit of sparkle or shimmer to create the perfect glamorous feel.

Black and white beauty salon interior design

The classic black-and-white is never out of style. Give the salon a timeless look by combining white walls with black furniture and accessories. Use bold colors to add warmth and add texture to the walls to make the salon more inviting. Add natural elements, such as plants or flowers, to add a little bit of color and life.

Final thoughts: What’s your beauty salon design?

Ready to take the next step towards creating a stunning, cost-effective beauty salon interior design?

Keep the customer experience in mind, get creative with your materials, and let your personality and taste shine throughout the design. With careful planning and by following the right tips, you can create a stunning salon with a low budget. Check out our blog for more inspiration and tips on how to run a successful salon business! 

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Posted on February 2, 2023