30 Resolutions for Salon & Spa Owners

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Don’t waste your time and energy. Resolve to grow personally, professionally, and as a business this year. Check out a few resolution ideas and adopt a few of the goals that will challenge you, yet are achievable. Whenever possible, customize the goals to be measurable so you will be able to look back and determine if you were successful. Keep your list accessible and leave notes around to remind you to stay on track.


Prioritize work-life balance for a healthier and more enjoyable year!

1.  Spend more time with family and friends.

2.  Reduce stress.

3.  Exercise regularly.

4.  Take regular breaks throughout the day.

5.  Use your vacation time. Travel somewhere new or just stay home and relax.

6.  Get enough sleep.

7.  Eat proper meals.

8.  Volunteer your time and resources.

9.  Learn to manage your time and finances.

10. Develop a new hobby.


Grow your knowledge, skills, and network!

11. Attend industry conferences and seminars.

12. Enroll in a business course.

13. Enter an industry competition

14. Build your network by joining industry groups or your local chamber of commerce.

15. Find, or become, a mentor.


Reach new heights with your salon & spa business!

16. Build your brand.

17. Find a partner for cross-promotional opportunities.

18. Refresh your salon/spa interior design.

19. Become more environmentally friendly.

20. Invest in your salon and spa team.

21. Delegate tasks and teach staff to perform new duties.

22. Reduce employee turnover.

23. Save time by simplifying or automating administration tasks.

24. Plan marketing and promotional campaigns strategically. (Download a free marketing calendar.)

25. Enhance the client experience.

26. Improve your customer retention rate.

27. Increase customers’ frequency of visit.

28. Evaluate, then expand or simplify, your service menu and retail selection.

29. Boost retail sales.

30. Raise average sales transaction amounts.

How to Achieve your Goals

Get a jump start towards fulfilling your goals with Insight Salon & Spa Software!

  • Manage work hours, appointments, and breaks.
  • Delegate tasks by providing system access to only certain team members.
  • Automate marketing campaigns and appointment confirmations.
  • Save time by calculating payroll instantly and building inventory purchase orders automatically.
  • Create membership and loyalty point programs to boost client retention and satisfaction.
  • Improve the client experience by saving color formulas, purchase histories, and preferences.
  • Analyze your business's performance with reports on sales, clients, employees, and other categories.

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Topics: Management, Salon Software
Posted on January 2, 2018