Reducing Energy Costs in Salons and Spas

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Being eco-friendly does not have to mean spending more money.

In fact, here are 6 easy ways to save money and to do your part in saving the environment at the same time!

  1. Some businesses leave their interior lights on even when they are closed. Save costs by turning them off! If you want to showcase your salon appearance, consider leaving just one set of lights on or getting a dimmer.

  2. Use LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs in your salon or spa. Although they can be more expensive to purchase, they are more cost-effective in the long run than incandescent and fluorescent lights. They last longer, are more energy efficient, and do not cause heat build-up (it will reduce the need for air conditioning).

  3. Many modern thermostats have programmable features. You can set the heat or air conditioning to turn off after you leave and then turn back on in the morning so that the salon’s temperature is comfortable by the time you arrive. Save yourself the trouble of manually setting the temperature.

  4. Leaving appliances (hair dryers, curlers, straighteners, etc.) on standby can consume a lot of electricity. While it may take a moment to get warmed up after you turn it back on, you can take the minute to provide the client with a couple styling tips or to recommend a product.

  5. If any of your appliances require batteries, consider using rechargeable ones. Similar to LED bulbs, the initial cost may be higher however they will last longer and save you money over time.

  6. Turning off your salon’s computer every night is a simple thing that can make a difference over time. Did you know that you can set Insight to run an automatic data backup every night and then have the computer shut down afterward? If you need to leave the computer on to access your server (for remote access and mobile apps), consider switching to Insight on the Cloud.

Topics: Management
Posted on January 8, 2016