5 Ways to Promote Your Salon Services

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Sale! Free! Discount!

When hearing “promotion,” those three words may have popped into your mind first.

For some salons and spas, the thought of ever offering a discount is unimaginable. Meanwhile, some other businesses jump to offering discounts whenever their schedule is quieter than usual or when they need to increase their cash flow.

However, there needs to be a balance. Discounts can certainly help businesses to grow when used strategically. By offering your services at a lower price too frequently, you can be weakening the value perception of your services. Why should clients book an appointment now and pay the full price when they know they can pay less for the same service if they just wait a couple weeks?

Fortunately, you can run other types of promotions that will also boost appointment bookings, walk-in traffic, and retail sales.

In fact, you could even charge a premium with some of your marketing campaigns!


Promotions are a great tool for drawing more people in during quiet periods like a long weekend when clients may be out of town.

On the flip side, they are also beneficial during peak periods. As a service-oriented business, you are confined by your availability (e.g. operating hours, salon chairs, stylists). Unless you have the resources to open up more appointment slots, there’s not much you can do after your calendar is filled. At these times, promotions are not focused on getting people into your salon but rather to upsell services or products to increase your average ticket price.


With all promotions, the idea is to get clients to take action during your intended time frame. Whether it's a one-day flash sale or a month-long campaign, your promotions must have a timeline. By creating a limited-time offer, you can play on clients' fear of missing out to get them to take action soon.

Possible Offers

Be creative! When brainstorming ideas, also think outside the beauty industry and consider what some of your favorite restaurants or retailers have done to win your business. Here are a few ideas you can adapt for your salon & spa:

Service Bundles

Bundle together a couple extra services along with a popular item on your menu. This is perfect for those quieter periods as you can fill up more of your appointment calendar. Use the opportunity to get clients to try out new or complementary services that they may incorporate into their usual beauty routine.

During busier periods, think about bundling add-ons like a strengthening shampoo that increase the ticket price while not taking up any extra time.

Exclusive Services

Similar to restaurants with seasonal menu items, why not introduce a whole new limited-time-only salon experience?

For example, in December, lots of people are constantly running around trying to finish their Christmas shopping and may not have much time to pop into your salon. By creating an "Express Menu," you can book clients in for basic services with shorter appointment lengths. You would charge less per service of course, however you can set prices to include a greater profit margin. Plus, by getting more customers into your salon, product sales will increase as well!

This can also be a great way to test out new services or packages that you may want to add to your regular salon menu in the future.

Group Offers

The best way to fill your calendar is by attracting new clients. Is there any better (or cheaper) method to achieve that than by getting your existing customers to bring their friends?

Bridal parties, mother-daughter spa days, couples' massages... There are many opportunities to not only fill up your appointment schedule within the promotional period but to win lifelong clients!

Loyalty Points

Many salon & spa owners prefer giving loyalty point bonuses than discounts. The business doesn't miss out on any revenue with the current transaction as clients don't receive any immediate benefits. With the extra points they accumulate now, they also have more motivation to rebook an appointment so they can redeem them!

Scratch & Win

Sure, someone may get a great deal or possibly even win their entire service. But all other clients are paying full price and possibly even spending more than usual in exchange for extra entries into your salon sweepstakes! The beauty of running contests is that you can select how many prizes to give away, what they are, how clients can get entries, when the contest ends...everything is up to you! Also, it's a great way to earn publicity and word-of-mouth referrals!

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Posted on June 7, 2017