Insight Salon Software vs Rosy Salon Software

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Running a business requires effective communication and efficient planning. You shouldn’t worry about how all your information fits together—and you don’t need to. Spa and salon software promises the convenience of centralized organization and streamlined communication.

We’ve compared the features of two of the top contenders in the market: Insight Salon Software and Rosy Salon Software. But which one comes out on top? 

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based storage provides ease of mind for business owners. Insight and Rosy both provide cloud-based storage, placing them in the top tier of salon software availability. 


Both services include tiered pricing levels that fit any business owner’s budget. Rosy’s pricing plan begins at $29/mo. and tops off at $99/mo., while Insight’s pricing plan starts at $25/mo and tops off at $125/mo. While Insight Salon Software has a higher price point per plan, you’ll find that the features included in the plan make the investment well worth it.


Businesses providing services run the risk of no-shows, which puts stress on the owner and employees. Insight offers the unique feature of alerting the front desk when a client with multiple no-shows tries to book again.

While Rosy does not offer this feature, it shares common trademarks with Insight regarding bookings. These include: 

  • Express booking
  • Ability to select multiple services in a single session 
  • Online no-show protection
  • Credit card capture

Employee Management

Business owners know how essential employee management is in running a successful salon. Here’s where the difference between Insight and Rosy becomes more apparent. Insight’s employee management system outshines every other salon software on the market. 

With Insight, you can:

  • Create templated work schedules 
  • Access tax deduction and remittance reporting
  • Offer payroll deductions for the US, Canada, and Australia
  • Automatically email detailed paystubs to employees 

Both salon software options include basic payroll features, time clock options, and tip payout options. However, while Rosy can cover basic salon needs, it lacks features that provide additional support for salon owners.


Customizable services are a must when managing a salon or spa. Implementing salon software that caters to your salon’s needs simplifies business management. For example, both Insight and Rosy can customize pricing and booking times. Doing so allows for a more personalized approach to scheduling. 

However, Insight goes above and beyond in providing service features. For example, Insight requires potential clients to have a credit card on file to book specific services. This allows for more security and liability coverage should the client become a no-show. In addition, Insight offers an extra perk: the ability to raise or lower the price of all services, packages, and series pricing by a percentage point. 


Insight is one of the only softwares on the market that offers flexibility and customization of tanning features:

  • Track minute, session, and unlimited tanning packages
  • Clients can book tanning packages online
  • Track tanning bed usage and bulb life hours. 
  • Add tanning bed level upgrades
  • Supported integration with T-max manager and timers

Loyalty Points

You can evoke brand loyalty by rewarding loyal customers. Both Insight and Rosy offer a state-of-the-art loyalty points program! These include:

  • loyalty pop-ups for clients during check-out
  • reward clients with bonus loyalty points for referrals, pre-booking, and trying a new service

However, with Insight, you can create custom loyalty point rules, such as awarding double points on Tuesdays. These features can increase engagement and give you an edge over your competition!


Salons that cater to walk-ins can benefit from Insight Salon Software.  With Insight, you can: 

  • track walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis, 
  • offer online check-in 
  • monitor and track wait times 
  • group walk-ins by family
  • check out with a single-paying client
  • serve walk-ins based on employee rotation and availability

Final Thoughts

Choosing salon management software that fits your needs can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be. Insight Salon Software takes it a step further to manage your business efficiently and stress-free. Insight’s customizable software allows you to streamline and automate many of your salon’s features. These features offer a great experience for you, your employees, and your business's most vital asset—the customer.

Topics: Marketing & Sales, Salon Software
Posted on November 30, 2022