5 Ways to Increase Gift Card Sales

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Gift card sales have been rising over the last several years as consumers appreciate the convenience and want to give recipients the flexibility to choose their gift. Last winter, 80% of consumers expressed their intention to purchase at least one gift card and 25% planned to buy 5 or more.

But how do you entice your clients to purchase a gift card to your salon or spa?

Increase Awareness

Make sure your clients know that you have gift cards. Place them in a high-visibility area near the cash register! Post about them on your social media networks. Most importantly, mention them to your clients in a natural way. For example, ask if they have finished their Christmas shopping yet. If they mentioned they still need to pick up a few more gifts or that they don’t know what to get, encourage them to get some gift cards (or a bundle of retail products).

Provide a Variety

Provide a selection of gift cards! Some people may want a themed design (e.g. Christmas, Mother’s Day) while some may be looking for a more generic design. For a more upscale look, consider having just your logo over a solid-colored background.

Cross Promote

Partner with a business providing a different service/product or serving another market. Gift givers appreciate the convenience of purchasing gift cards, so make it easy for them to purchase even if they don’t visit your salon regularly.

Offer an Incentive

To increase interest, provide an incentive for buying gift cards. Recently received a new retail shampoo that you want clients to get hooked on? Then give them a bottle with a gift card of significant value. If a client buys multiple gift cards, give him/her a free gift card of similar value. The value of the gift card will be significantly lower than the potential cost to advertise and attract a similar number of clients!

Make it Exclusive

Gift cards don’t always need to be for others. As part of your client loyalty program, you can give your top spenders an exclusive VIP card! Show them your appreciation and make them feel valued! Reward them when they reload the card with a significant amount! Get them committed to coming back. Besides, they may spend more during their visit if they’re not paying cash.

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Topics: Marketing & Sales
Posted on September 22, 2015