Top 3 Advantages of Insight on the Cloud

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There are different options when it comes to spa and salon management software, but what sets Insight’s cloud version above the rest?

Insight provides the speed, reliability, and flexibility you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.


Any software that is web-based (written in Java or HTML like regular web pages) suffers from “lag” or slow response times. When you click on a link to go to a new web page, sometimes it takes a few seconds to load the page in your browser. When a client is trying to book their next appointment or pay for their service, do you really want to click on a button and wait for the web page to load?

The technology that Insight on the Cloud uses is not the same as HTML web-based programs. You will be running the exact same Insight software as the Installed version and you will be running it from incredibly fast and powerful computers capable of running large Fortune 500 companies. The only information being sent over your internet connection is what is shown on the screen so when you click on something you get virtually instant responses.


Web-based software is designed to have thousands of users all running off one server computer. Even the largest web-based software providers only need a few servers to manage all their users. The problem this presents is when one server goes down, you could be without access to your data or, at the very least, suffer from huge delays in your access times.

Insight on the Cloud is different because we have a small number of users accessing each server computer and multiple servers available. If one server goes down, the users logged in to that machine would just need to log back in, at which point they would be directed to one of the other servers. We use “load balancing” to ensure that each server has the same workload placed on it to ensure a fast and enjoyable experience for our users.


We offer you a choice without switching software. If you decide to go with one of our competitor’s web-based programs and you don’t like it or it is too slow, you have to start everything over from scratch and all the information you entered is lost. When you choose Insight on the Cloud, if the experience isn’t what you hoped for, you can be switched over to the Installed version in a matter of minutes.

Don’t settle for less; Insight on the Cloud is designed to give you peace of mind! Speak to an Insight representative at 1-888-919-5841.

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Posted on July 7, 2015