3 Questions Every Salon Owner Needs to Ask

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Buying a chocolate bar at the convenience store near your home is probably a simple decision that requires little thought. Selecting software for your salon, on the other hand, requires some deeper thought and even research.

A management software program can certainly save you time, money, and energy. However, that is only the case when you find the right one. But with so many options available, how can you be sure to pick the best one for your business?

To help you find the ideal solution for your salon or spa, ask yourself three questions.

What business challenges am I facing?

How can your salon or spa improve and grow? Take a look through reports that you have run; ask employees for their thoughts; consider the feedback that customers have shared.

Every salon and spa will have a different answer. Some may find it difficult to engage and retain clients. Some may have issues with generating retail sales. Others may struggle with keeping employees around for more than a year.

As much as possible, consider if there are underlying, root causes for these challenges. For example, client retention may be a difficulty for your business. Upon closer inspection though, you may realize that clients are not returning because appointments never start on time as stylists spend too long with previous customers.

List everything you can think of. You may only be able to name 2 areas that require improvement, or perhaps 20 things popped up in your head instantly. Regardless of how many there are, think about which of these affect your business the most so you can prioritize these as you search for a solution.

Will the software resolve these issues?

If you want to grow the business and to improve in the weaker areas, implementing management software can definitely help. As you look through software features, consider how they will resolve your main challenges.

While it can’t solve all problems (it won't fix a broken salon chair), programs like Insight Salon & Spa Software can certainly address many of them. To name a few:

  • Appointment No Shows - Automatically request confirmation and send reminders via email or SMS.
  • Client Retention - Keep customers engaged with targeted marketing campaigns and newsletters.
  • Employee Accountability - Limit employee access, record time-in and time-out, and track actions.
  • Inventory Tracking - Keep an accurate and up-to-date count of retail and back bar products.
  • Time Management - Save time on tasks as simple as booking an appointment or as complex as calculating payroll.

How much are these issues costing me?

Implementing software is an investment for your business, and you should be getting a return on it. While the marketing features provide a more direct impact to your bottom line, also consider other areas that can have a more subtle, yet significant impact on revenues and profits.

How much is a no-show costing your salon or spa? Not only are you losing revenue, but you probably still have to pay the hair stylist, nail technician, or masseuse who was supposed to serve the client. Even if you "saved" one no-show each month, you've probably already paid off the software.

Or consider how long it may take you to accomplish certain tasks like payroll. If you're still calculating payroll manually, consider how long it takes to calculate all the wages, commissions, taxes, and other deductions each pay period. With software, that same task can be completed in just a few seconds. It may not technically cost you anything to do payroll yourself, however you are taking that extra time away from clients and missing out on more revenue!

Ultimately, your salon and spa software should be helping your business to solve its challenges and increase its profit.

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Topics: Management, Salon Software
Posted on March 8, 2017