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Finding the perfect name for your lash extension business is a crucial first step. The right name captures attention, resonates with your ideal clients, and establishes your brand identity from the start. In the ever-growing lash extension industry, having a lash business name that stands out from the competition could be what propels your success.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about picking the ideal, memorable name for your lash business. We’ll look at:

  • Why your lash business name matters
  • Tips for choosing a clever, brand-aligned name
  • How to brainstorm and validate name options
  • Attributes of creative lash business names
  • Aligning your name with your brand identity
  • Categories and examples of unique lash names

Read on for tips to develop a stellar lash business name that lays the foundation for building client awareness and loyalty. Let’s get started!

Why Your Lash Business Name Matters

Your business name creates one of the very first impressions for potential customers. It needs to instantly convey what you offer and bring clients in.

A good lash business name:

  • Sets your overall brand identity and image
  • Attracts your target clientele
  • Helps drive referrals and amplify marketing
  • Distinguishes you from competitors

In short, the right name makes an impact and draws the exact customers you want to serve. Studies show brand recall goes up 80% for brands with names that resonate with consumers.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Lash Biz Name

When brainstorming the perfect lash business name, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be creative and unique - Avoid overused words and aim for something memorable.
  • Keep it short and catchy - Long, complex names are hard to recall. Stick to just 2-3 words.
  • Have visual appeal - Consider how the name will look in logos and branding.
  • Align it with your brand image - Reinforce the style and vibe you want to project.

Catchy names like “Lash Lounge” and “Belle la Lash” are examples of names that check these boxes.

Attributes of Memorable Lash Business Names

Great lash business names often:

  • Evoke emotion - Glamour, luxury, confidence, femininity. Transport clients to an experience.
  • Are simple and catchy - Easy to say and remember. No convoluted phrases.
  • Convey elegance and style - Feminine tone with hint of sophistication.
  • Contain clever style puns - Lash words woven seamlessly. E.g. Lash Couture, Flash & Lash.

Names with these attributes stick in customers’ minds and feel aligned with luxury lash services.

Types of Lash Business Name Styles

Common lash biz name styles include:

  • Glamorous, luxury focused - Lash Lounge, Lavish Lashes, Luxe Lash Studio
  • Feminine and elegant - Belle la Lash, Classic Lash Co, Flutter Boutique
  • Chic and sophisticated - Muse Lashes, Noir Lash Bar, Flutter
  • Fun and creative - Lash Wishes, Oh My Lash!, Lash It Up
  • Location-based - Chicago Lash Co, Brooklyn Lash Studio, Austin Lash Lounge

Consider what style best fits your brand.

Brainstorming Clever Lash Business Names

To brainstorm name ideas:

  • Do keyword research to see popular lash terms.
  • Use name generators and thesauruses for inspiration.
  • Get feedback from target clients on ideas.
  • Make sure names fit your brand identity.

Ask yourself - does this name speak to my ideal customers?

Getting Feedback on Potential Lash Biz Names

To validate name options:

  • Survey your target audience for reactions.
  • Ask trusted friends and family to weigh in with honest opinions.
  • Post name ideas anonymously on social media for unbiased feedback.

Feedback will help narrow down the perfect name.

Checking Domain, Trademark Availability

Once you have prospective names:

  • Double check domain name availability.
  • Search trademarks to avoid conflicts.
  • Register your domain/trademark once selected.

This ensures you can secure matching online properties.

Ensuring Your Name Fits Your Brand Identity

  • Name should complement your logo, colors, fonts and other visual branding.
  • Project a consistent brand image and message across platforms.

Your name is key for conveying your brand style.

Do's and Don'ts of Naming Your Lash Business


  • Be unique and creative.
  • Evoke glamor, luxury and style.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Let your name reflect your brand identity.


  • Pick something overly clever or punny.
  • Make it too long or complex.
  • Choose an unrelated name.

Making Your Lash Biz Name Official

Once you’ve selected the perfect name:

  • Officially register your domain name.
  • Apply for a trademark to protect your name.
  • Claim matching social media profiles.

This makes your name legally yours.

Protecting Your Lash Business Name Legally

  • Explain trademark law and process for protecting your business name.
  • Discuss why this is crucial for solidifying brand identity.

Next Steps After Finalizing Your Lash Biz Name

After settling on your official name:

  • Start designing your logo and brand visuals.
  • Create graphics and content for marketing.
  • Develop a tagline or slogan.
  • Make signs and branding for your studio space.

Now the fun branding work starts!

Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Lash Business


  • Pick a trendy name that can go out of style.
  • Choose something difficult to pronounce or spell.
  • Forget to validate availability before committing to a name.

How to Tell if a Name "Fits" Your Lash Brand

A name fits if it:

  • Evokes the desired emotions in your customers.
  • Speaks directly to your target audience.
  • Aligns seamlessly with your logo, branding and identity.

Categories of Creative Lash Business Name Ideas

Glamorous and Feminine

  • Belle la Lash, Flutter, Sassy Lash Lounge, Lavish Lashes, Classic Lash Studio

Chic and Sophisticated

  • Muse Lashes, Flair Lash Bar, Noir Lash Lounge, Simplicity Lash Co, Classe Lashes

Fun and Playful

  • Lash Couture, Lash Wishes, Oh My Lash!, Batting Lashes, Lash It Up


  • Austin Lash Lounge, Brooklyn Lash Studio, Miami Lash Club, Chicago Lash Co

100+ Creative Lash Business Name Ideas

  1. Lush Lash Lounge
  2. Blink Beauty Bar
  3. GlamGaze Studio
  4. Luxe Lash Loft
  5. Elegant Eyelashes
  6. FlutterFab Lashes
  7. Twinkle Tassel Studio
  8. Silk Lash Salon
  9. Whisper Lash Lounge
  10. EnchantEyes Studio
  11. Lash Lavish Loft
  12. Velour Vision Studio
  13. CharmChirp Lashes
  14. Serene Sight Salon
  15. Vogue Vision Lashes
  16. Lash Legacy Lounge
  17. Plush Peepers Studio
  18. DazzleDash Lash Lounge
  19. PoshLash Parlor
  20. LashLux Studio
  21. Batting Beauty Bar
  22. Twinkle Tassel Salon
  23. VelvetView Lashes
  24. Lash Lace Lounge
  25. Silk Sight Studio
  26. Luscious Lash Lounge
  27. Pristine Peepers Parlor
  28. ChicChirp Lashes
  29. Crystal Clear Lashes
  30. PlumeLash Parlor
  31. Starry Sight Studio
  32. SleekSilk Lashes
  33. Whisper Wink Workshop
  34. Vision Velvet Lounge
  35. LashLuxe Loft
  36. EnvyEye Studio
  37. Elegance Eyelashes
  38. Serene Stare Salon
  39. Glamour Gaze Studio
  40. FlutterFancy Lashes
  41. Sleek Stare Salon
  42. DazzleDash Lash Lounge
  43. Radiant Reflex Lashes
  44. LashLuxe Loft
  45. GazeGlam Studio
  46. Silky Stare Salon
  47. Pristine Peepers Parlor
  48. Satin Sight Studio
  49. Whisper Wink Workshop
  50. Velvet Vision Salon
  51. Charm Chirp Lashes
  52. Glitter Gaze Studio
  53. Elegant Eyelashes
  54. Twinkle Tassel Salon
  55. ChicChirp Lashes
  56. SleekSilk Studio
  57. Vogue Vision Vanity
  58. Starry Stare Salon
  59. LashLuxe Loft
  60. GlamGaze Gallery
  61. Luscious Lash Lounge
  62. Blink Beauty Bar
  63. Radiant Reflex Lashes
  64. Silk Sight Studio
  65. Velour Vision Venue
  66. Whisper Wink Workshop
  67. Pristine Peepers Parlor
  68. ChicChirp Charm
  69. Glitter Gaze Gallery
  70. Lash Lavish Loft
  71. Batting Beauty Bar
  72. Elegant Eyelashes
  73. Velour Vision Venue
  74. Serene Stare Salon
  75. SleekSilk Studio
  76. GazeGlam Gallery
  77. Starry Sight Studio
  78. PoshLash Parlor
  79. Crystal Clear Lashes
  80. LashLegacy Lounge
  81. Sleek Stare Salon
  82. DazzleDash Lash Lounge
  83. Radiant Reflex Lashes
  84. Satin Sight Studio
  85. EnvyEye Emporium
  86. FlutterFab Forum
  87. Luxe Lash Loft
  88. Glitter Gaze Gallery
  89. Vision Velvet Venue
  90. Whisper Wink Workshop
  91. SleekSilk Studio
  92. CharmChirp Charm
  93. Starry Stare Salon
  94. Glamour Gaze Gallery
  95. Satin Sight Studio
  96. PoshLash Parlor
  97. Pristine Peepers Parlor
  98. Whisper Wink Workshop
  99. Velvet Vision Venue
  100. Elegance Eyelashes


Naming your lash business is critical for conveying your brand identity and attracting ideal clients. By following this guide, you can develop a memorable, brand-aligned name that encapsulates your vision. Be creative, validate options, and ensure your name fits your image and target market. With a stellar name that “sticks”, you’ll gain an edge on the competition right from the start. 

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Posted on October 3, 2023