Is Your Salon or Spa Protected?

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A burglar breaks into the salon and steals the laptop. An electrical surge fries the business’s computer. A fire breaks out and everything in the spa is destroyed. An email link was clicked accidentally, a virus was downloaded, and all your data has been corrupted. Do you have a plan in case any of these scenarios were to occur?

The data you have is important: appointment schedules, client and employee information, financial records, and more. Statistics show that 49% of businesses reported some level of data loss in the past two years. Of those businesses who lose all their data, 60% will shut down within 6 months of the loss.

You may already back up your data onto a USB drive or hard drive. However, these devices are dependent on you running the backup regularly and making sure to keep it in a safe location.

But with Insight’s Online Backup feature, you can sit back and relax. Your data will be backed up automatically and stored safely off-site, protecting you from disasters such as fires, floods, storms, natural disasters, theft, computer failure, and data corruption. For extra protection, your data is encrypted. Everything gets backed up including your past and future appointments; client contact information and history records; employee data and payroll runs; product inventory data; and sales and performance reports.

To avoid any interruptions, you can choose the days and times that you want it to run. You can even set it for a time after the salon closes and your computer will be shut down after running the backup.

The Insight Online Backup feature is optional with Insight Installed but is included with Insight on the Cloud. This subscription-based version of Insight also comes with online appointment booking and remote access.

Have the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure. For more information about Online Backups or Insight on the Cloud, please contact us at 1-888-919-5841 or

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Topics: Management, Salon Software
Posted on November 5, 2015